Client Commissions

“….one of my colleagues attends art classes and he showed everyone your website and again they were suitably impressed”


“I just wanted to say how delighted we are with Lola’s portrait”

“Hi Richard Just opened my birthday present today, the portrait of Lola, its lovely and so much like her. I have spread the word at work and sent a picture of Lola to my colleagues. She now has pride of place in the hallway. Thank you”


“My darling Forrest beautifully contained in a pencil drawing for all time. I can’t thank you enough for the time and care that went into this….it’s perfect. Merry Christmas!”


“We are truly delighted with it and are hoping that our attempts at finding a framer will prove successful at setting it off as it deserves. You really have a great talent, and we hope that you are able to extend your clientele with help from this beautiful drawing.”


“Mum was visiting and when she saw the picture she thought it was a photograph!”

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