Prints of ‘other pictures’ and non-commissioned subjects are available on


Arty 2


This was a rather unusual commission in that it was requested by my Dentist to be on the subject of all things dental. I chose to base it very much on the local surgery, in a “cubism” style.


Savannah Serenity

Savannah Serenity - mother and calf elephant small

Barn Owl

Barn Owl 1

Baby Orang

Baby Orang Utan



My Molly



Chimp Baby and Mother 2

African Boy

With thanks to Stephie Butler for the loan of the photograph
African Boy 1

‘Father of the Bride’ 

Father of the Bride 2



‘Dry Bed’

Dry Bed

Quiet Contemplation


Cold Stare

Snow Leopard 2


Basset - Copy

Bandouille Key


Bandouille Key

Burford Gateway


Gateway in Burford

St. Benet’s Abbey Norfolk

St Benet's, Norfolk

Chedworth Footpath

(section of a watercolour pictureChedworth Footpath

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