Fine art graphite, colour pencil or pastel portraits of animals (pets or wild), relatives or friends. Commissions, originals, prints and cards available.

Father of the Bride 2

Richard Collins is a self-taught creator of beautiful portraits of pets, wild animals and people (wild or domesticated).
He has been drawing and painting since an early age, but since retiring to the Cotswolds has had the opportunity to devote his time to his passion in full.

Richard uses graphite pencil, coloured pencils or pastels. He started by creating portraits of pets for friends and family but now offers a range of commissions from pets and wild animals to people.

Have a look on the Commissions and Other Pictures galleries to see his work and the Testimonials page to see what people have said about his work.

Archie  Evie Baby Orang Utan

Richard works from photographs so you need only e-mail a chosen pose as well as many other pictures as you can, so that he can get a feel for character, fur direction and so on. The “Pricing Guidelines” page will guide you through the process of requesting a piece of work. If you have any queries that are not covered then please feel free to contact me.

Once your portrait is completed, Richard will provide you with a scanned copy which he will e-mail to you for approval.

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